How much efficiency can we really take?

Published on Saturday, 25 March 2017 16:42 - Written by NELSON CLYDE, Is It Just Me?

A visit with my son Cal, during his drive home from work, recently revealed something that caught my attention.

He was extolling the virtues of his fingernail clippers. He was clipping and driving. Not at the same time, I’m sure. He probably took an opportunity to clip at stoplights.

I was picturing nail clippings all over the car.

He explained, his clippers were so superior to other clippers. They actually collected the clipped nails for a clean dump, (presumably onto the street once finished). Will our Legislature need to add clipping and driving to their efforts to prevent texting and driving?

Over the years, similar efforts toward efficiencies among family members have come to mind. I remember going water skiing with my grandfather on Lake Tyler one late afternoon. He had to get back to town for an event, but rather than catching a shower at the house, he jumped in the lake and washed his hair with some Prell shampoo he had brought for the occasion.

The concept was nominally unsettling. Could the scent of Prell overcome the scent of lake? Was this really cleaning up? I couldn’t embrace it. He probably read about it in the White Trash cookbook right between the recipes for oven-baked possum and a potato chip sandwich on white bread with, of course, Miracle Whip. Dear God.

My current version of such efficiency is part of my morning routine. During my shower - once my hair is wet and the steam has opened up my sinuses - I use my nasal spray to prevent allergies. It feels really efficient to me.

The same logic applies when I poach eggs. Rather than pouring the boiling water out of the pan after the eggs are done, I save it to rinse off my plate. I’ll admit it. Such little things really bring me joy.

I also like finding ways to minimize household trash. An example would be putting things inside of empty milk cartons until they are full. More repurposing than recycling, if you please. Does anyone believe the recycled stuff really goes to a separate place in the landfill? I’m a skeptic.

What efficiencies in your life put a smile on your face? Send your suggestions (aka OCD compulsions) to and we will share them next week after they are categorized and numerically ranked.