Is it just me? Yeungling is truly best of breed

Published on Saturday, 27 May 2017 16:59 - Written by NELSON CLYDE,

A recent voyage to Shreveport brought some welcome news. Yuengling beer has now come as far west as Shreveport.

Some logistics were involved, but we stopped on the way home to relieve a convenience store of a fair amount of their inventory. If you’ve never tried their lager, it is the best of its breed I have ever encountered.

Let’s be clear, it is to beer what Puligny Montrachet is to white burgundy wine.

Or what a mother clucker is to a barbeque sandwich.

Or what Bob Armstrong dip is to queso.

You get the idea.

A true contribution to human-kind.

My first exposure to the stuff was in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, where the brewery calls home. It hails itself as the oldest brewery in America and it remains a family owned business. We were taking some training on a new computer system and discovered the beer hailed by the bartenders as a must-try local brew. It was love at first sip.

Our group was so enthralled, we made several trips to the bar that week and one night the bartender let us know Dick Yuengling, the fifth generation owner of the brewery was in the building at an engagement party for one of his four daughters. One wonders if they were some of the most popular girls in high school?

Feeling an obligation to rescue the poor chap from his predicament we sent a message we would like to shake his hand and thank him for administering such a wonderful product. Leave it to a bunch of Texans in the house to yank a German brewmaster out of his daughter’s party. Nevertheless Dick came in the bar and it’s possible one of us hugged him to express our delight.

Now the only thing job left is to get the product across the Texas state line. If they want to limit production to stop in Tyler we won’t protest. Folks in Dallas and beyond can make the drive over here to get their stash.

If you get political about your suds, stories on the Internet abound regarding Mr. Yuengling and his family coming out in favor of Trump in last year’s presidential race. While boycotts were called for I doubt if they held up much. In some parts of the Northeast if you order a lager in a bar you will be handed a Yuengling. Kinda like asking for a Kleenex.

The ownership has also been stout on supporting right to work laws in Pennsylvania and fighting unions in their plants. Sounds like a lot of folks around these parts. Their low price point and high quality strategy would fit right in around here.

Maybe Tyler would be a good location for their next production facility to open the taps to the west coast?