Nelson Clyde's Is It Just Me: The heat is on

Published on Saturday, 22 July 2017 22:53 - Written by NELSON CLYDE, Is It Just Me?

Friday afternoon in Dallas, the thermometer reading in the car said it was 108. The heat does strange things to you. Mostly it can distract you from important things such as putting gas in the car.

So, while preparing to get on Loop 635 in Dallas near DFW airport, my eyes caught the light on next to the fuel gauge.

Almost simultaneously the engine stopped running, I scanned the horizon and saw a gas station in the distance.

Next, I had to maneuver across two lanes of traffic while coasting, then pick up speed going down the hill and hope the light would turn green while coasting through the intersection.

I managed to make it to the entrance of the gas station, but there was a small hill. When I got out to start trying to push the car up the hill, I couldn’t do it on my own. Three guys from three different vehicles came running over and helped me push the car over to the fueling area. At the end of it all, I barely broke a sweat in the scorching heat thanks to my benefactors. Whew!

People say I’m lucky, and that may be true, but those guys were my angels. One of them took off so quick I couldn’t properly thank him.

The whole saga reminds me of a funny image from many years ago. Do you remember those pink message pads used by receptionists in the old days where they would write down the name and number of a caller and maybe even a brief reason for the call?

There was a picture of one that got passed around that simply said:

The proctologist called - they found your head.

The moral of the story:

Keep your car filled up and try taking care of it early in the morning.

Try to keep your head in the right place.

Count your blessings and keep an eye out for angels.