Family Matters: Make every month more memorable

Published on Wednesday, 3 January 2018 12:05 - Written by Jennifer Flanders

Have you ever noticed how much little ones love any sort of celebration? Even my adult children get excited about eating green food on St. Patrick’s Day or attending the state fair in the fall. Fun family traditions add spice to life while simultaneously providing a comfortable sense of rhythm and repetition.

So make some dates with your family to have fun. Pencil them in on your calendar right alongside doctor’s appointments and business meetings and little league games. Otherwise, it will be a whirlwind of the same-old same-old, and next thing you know you will be staring at 2019 wondering where the last year went.

Here is a sampling of some of the things our family has enjoyed doing on a seasonal basis (plus a few new ones we plan to add in the future). Feel free to use it as a checklist for your own merry memory making or as a starting place to come up with a more personalized list.

Either way, you’ll want to print out your final version and post it in a prominent place, because with kids, anticipation is half the fun!


• Eat black-eyed peas

• Read a great book aloud

• Plant onions

• Roast marshmallows in your fireplace and make s’mores


• Make a bird feeder

• Go ice skating

• Host a mother/daughter Valentine’s brunch

• Share a box of chocolates

• Hunt daffodils (you’ll find acres and acres at Mrs. Lee’s Garden)


• Fly a kite

• Eat green cuisine on St Patrick’s Day

• Shoot some hoops in honor of March Madness

• Cook a pot of Irish stew

• Admire azaleas and other spring blooms


• Make resurrection cookies

• Buy an Easter lily

• Attend an Easter egg hunt

• Take a walk in the rain (umbrellas optional)

• Host a board game tournament


• Leave May baskets on neighbors’ doorsteps

• Break open a piñata for Cinco de Mayo

• Go on a family bike ride

• Attend a Memorial Day wreath hanging ceremony

• Have a crawfish boil with cob corn and new potatoes


• Sign up for a summer reading program

• Pack a picnic to take to the pool, lake or park

• Go blueberry picking and make blueberry muffins

• Take Dad breakfast in bed

• Host an ice cream social (have friends bring their favorite toppings)


• Watch fireworks on Independence Day

• Attend the “I Love America” concert at Green Acres Baptist Church

• Buy the kids some sparklers

• Wear glow-in-the-dark necklaces to play tag after dark

• Visit the zoo


• Visit a science museum

• Go to the beach

• Build sand castles

• Enjoy ice cold watermelon

• Shop for school supplies


• Make homemade pizza

• Play flag football or ultimate Frisbee as a family

• Visit grandparents (or adopt new ones from a local nursing home)

• Watch Mary Poppins

• Eat ice cream cones


• Go to the East Texas State Fair

• Enter cooking or craft contests at the fair

• Camp out under the stars

• Take a hay ride through a pumpkin patch

• Conquer a corn maze


• Host a shoebox stuffing party for Operation Christmas Child

• Start a gratefulness journal or count blessings as a family

• Run in a 5K Turkey Trot

• Rake leaves

• Play in the leaf piles before bagging or composting


• Visit a drive-through or walk-through nativity

• Watch It’s a Wonderful Life

• Ring the bell for the Salvation Army

• Go Christmas caroling

• Read A Christmas Carol

• Make New Year’s Resolutions


Jennifer Flanders offers a free printable (expanded) version of this list on her family blog. To get your copy, visit -- then have a magnificently memorable 2019!