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Family Matters: Where to begin

JENNIFER FLANDERS, Family Matters: In the back of my Bible is a handwritten list of great quotes, a collection I started nearly forty years ago when I was in high school. One of my favorites, although unattributed, has stuck…

10 January 2018 [02:35 PM]
The post-Christmas roundup

Winter has arrived with a vengeance. If that wasn’t enough we now hold the prize for being one of the top per…

05 January 2018 [08:05 PM]
Resolve to get your finances in order

The new year is underway, and spending less/saving more ranks high on the New Year’s resolutions list year after year. According to…

05 January 2018 [12:25 PM]
John Moore: A tabled matter

I was supposed to head straight to the store and back. The garage sale sign I saw not long after leaving home…

30 December 2017 [11:04 PM]
BBB: Avoiding unhappy returns

The holiday season is coming to an end and many may be heading back to stores to returns orexchanges. Returning an item…

30 December 2017 [02:14 PM]
Dealing with grief during the holidays

Many people who have lost a loved one experience more intense feelings of grief during the holidays. This is true of birthdays…

29 December 2017 [04:44 PM]
Congratulations to

Congratulations ... to Deanna Morrison of Tyler, for earning a degree in kinesiology and health from Miami University. ... to Dominique…

29 December 2017 [03:49 PM]

Social Security has a toolbox full of resources on its website,, to help you with your financial planning. With so many…

29 December 2017 [03:29 PM]
Family Matters: Where to focus when time seems short

My husband and I are both list makers by nature, but we approach our lists differently. I’m all about the details, which is why I’ve been known to start the New Year with as many as seven type-written pages of…

27 December 2017 [10:34 AM]
Christmas past, and a wish for now

The sound of passing cars was constant. The small, rented pier and beam house sat just a few dozen feet from the…

23 December 2017 [10:22 PM]
Enjoy the holidays and each other

Many of us will be traveling to spend the holiday with other family members or hosting family for the holidays in our…

22 December 2017 [04:17 PM]
List: Restaurants open on Christmas Day

Restaurants opened on Christmas: Denny’s will be open regular hours on Christmas Day. Buffalo Wild Wings will be open regular hours. Luby’s…

21 December 2017 [11:44 AM]
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