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Columnist John Moore: Long live the bacon

I was rummaging through the freezer when something caught my eye. Bacon. But, this wasn’t just any bacon, this was fully-cooked bacon.…

07 October 2017 [06:15 PM]
Family Matters: Praying for Revival

The news has been filled with tragedy and devastation lately. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Bombings. Mass shootings. Every story represents unimaginable sorrow and suffering,…

04 October 2017 [11:43 AM]
Columnist John Moore: I'll do it myself

I understand that people have to make a living, but sometimes, the markup on repair services borders on ridiculous. Case in point:…

30 September 2017 [08:07 PM]
Watch out for bogus pet sellers

MECHELLE AGBAYANI MILLS, Better Business Bureau If you are looking to add a pet to your family, be on the lookout for dishonest sellers. As more consumers turn to the internet to find new pets, more scams are popping up…

29 September 2017 [05:42 PM]
Baylor Graduates

Congratulations ... to Baylor University graduates: Hunter Lee Shattuck, Jacksonville; Cassidy Morgan Hammer, Callan Rabb Herwood, Emma Jocelyn Skelton, Jordan Leigh Marlene…

27 September 2017 [04:40 PM]
Give in ways that honor your loved ones

It didn’t start out as a month of remembrances, but it is. I enjoyed reflecting on memories from childhood with Grandparent’s Day…

26 September 2017 [11:39 AM]
Columnist John Moore: I Get Mail

When I began jotting down my thoughts each week back in 2013, I didn’t plan on what started out as a blog…

23 September 2017 [05:16 PM]
Don’t be fooled by employment scams

If you are looking for employment, beware of fraudulent job postings, fake recruiter emails and work-at-home schemes. These ploys often use real…

21 September 2017 [12:31 PM]
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