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Health Wise: Feeding the Pride Machine

DR. JANET HURLEY, Health Wise One poison to emotional wellness is pride. Pride encourages us to be self-seeking, envious and angry.…

12 May 2017 [01:17 PM]
Some May chores to do before the summer heat arrives

May is, I think, our gardening sweet spot. We’re still getting good rainfall, the temperatures haven’t gotten too awfully hot and our annuals and perennials are at their blooming best. In fact, our gardens look the best in May and…

10 May 2017 [07:25 PM]
"Unity" in the garden means the elements fit together

On the five principles of landscape design, we’ve covered repetition, scale, dominance and balance. All are important, however as mentioned previously, I consider repetition to be the most important of all. The first four were the easiest to digest and…

10 May 2017 [06:46 PM]
Family Matters: Last-minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day

JENNIFER FLANDERS, Family Matters: Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and I already know what I’m getting this year: a new daughter-in-law! Our son Samuel is getting married on May 14th, just four days before he graduates…

10 May 2017 [11:26 AM]
Some tips for National Moving Month

May is National Moving Month, which kicks off the busiest time of year for Americans changing residencies. Unfortunately, it also means unlicensed…

08 May 2017 [10:33 AM]
Methods exist to get control of fleas

Fleas are small, wingless insects that feed on animal and human blood. It is estimated that Americans spend $9 billion annually on…

01 May 2017 [05:58 PM]
Sensory overload at Trinity Groves

NELSON CLYDE, Is It just me? If you find yourself in Dallas, there is a new food Mecca worth checking out at the Trinity Groves restaurant complex. Located near the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, the compound is an explosion…

29 April 2017 [03:22 PM]
How safe are your kids online?

The Better Business Bureau is reminding parents to use caution when allowing children have access to the internet. Whether it’s “tweens” getting…

28 April 2017 [12:53 PM]
Be on the lookout for overpayment scams

Scams involving fake checks come in many different forms. Every day the Better Business Bureau receives calls from consumers about scammers requesting…

21 April 2017 [11:20 AM]
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