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Moore Thoughts: Write on time

Writing a book takes way more work than I ever imagined. But now, in addition to skydiving, working on the radio, and…

05 August 2017 [02:14 PM]
Civil Air Patrol Pancake Breakfast

The Tyler Civil Air Patrol will host a pancake and waffle breakfast from 8 to 10:30 a.m. Saturday at its headquarters, 1594…

01 August 2017 [05:14 PM]
Defining the concept of population health

Recently I accepted a new position as the Medical Director for Population Health for my organization. Since that time, I have answered the same question many times for my patients, family and friends: “What is population health?” In explaining this…

29 July 2017 [11:11 PM]
Don’t let anything steal your joy

JENNIFER FLANDERS, Family Matters: Joy springs from a grateful heart, but there are two things that will snuff out gratitude…

26 July 2017 [03:49 PM]
Armyworms can wreak havoc on grassy areas

CHAD GULLEY, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Armyworms are on the march in hay fields and pastures around the county, especially irrigated…

24 July 2017 [02:19 PM]
Nelson Clyde's Is It Just Me: The heat is on

Friday afternoon in Dallas, the thermometer reading in the car said it was 108. The heat does strange things to you. Mostly it can distract you from important things such as putting gas in the car. So, while preparing to…

22 July 2017 [10:53 PM]
Oleander is beautiful, but very toxic

In 2002 a movie came out titled “White Oleander,” about a young Southern California girl’s experiences growing up in foster care after…

21 July 2017 [08:23 PM]
Protect children in and around vehicles

Now that we are into summer in Texas, children are spending more time outdoors, which increases the danger of children being left alone in and around cars. When we think of children being left alone in cars, our first thought…

21 July 2017 [02:46 PM]
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