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Nelson Clyde's Is It Just Me: It's a dog's world Video

Next week we will have to discuss your efficiency replies. Until last week, my thoughts had not crossed paths with Prell shampoo for at least 40 years. Out of curiosit, I wandered into Drug Emporium to see if they had…

01 April 2017 [01:39 PM]
Local journalism is key to the community Video

Journalism matters. I witnessed firsthand how true that is last weekend at the Associated Press Managing Editors’ annual convention, where newspapers statewide…

31 March 2017 [06:47 PM]
Optimistic boy waits for adoption

This week’s CBS 19 Children are a Gift features a child who never imagined he would end up in foster care at…

31 March 2017 [01:01 PM]
How much efficiency can we really take?

A visit with my son Cal, during his drive home from work, recently revealed something that caught my attention. He was extolling the virtues of his fingernail clippers. He was clipping and driving. Not at the same time, I’m sure.…

25 March 2017 [04:42 PM]
Eat healthy when dining out

It would be great if we knew the exact amount of nutrients, fats and calories we were consuming every day, but that’s…

24 March 2017 [03:33 PM]
Best donor responses to charity alarms

The alarm, blinking lights and a voice loudly announcing we should vacate the building immediately interrupted what had, up until that moment, been a productive morning. The unwelcome interruption to my workflow caused all manner of mental acrobatics. My…

22 March 2017 [10:10 AM]
Young girl needs loving home

Dallas (KYTX) For a young girl, playing with a doll can be fun. But for a foster child it can mean much…

17 March 2017 [11:37 PM]
Family Matters: How will you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Folks all across the U.S. will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this week by wearing green, drinking beer, parading in the streets, and proudly proclaiming, “Kiss me, I’m Irish” - whether they’re really Irish or not. They’ll do all…

16 March 2017 [12:35 AM]
Tomato-planting time is here

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m not a rabid tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) eater. Sure, I eat them on hamburgers and in spaghetti…

16 March 2017 [12:26 AM]
How to grow the “lucky” Shamrock

Friday is Saint Patrick’s Day. We Americans traditionally celebrate with two symbols of this special day - the wearing of the color…

15 March 2017 [05:08 PM]
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