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Is It Just Me? My old friend Rosie

If you fancy yourself a Tylerite, you probably have a least two copies of Cooking Through Rose Colored Glasses or “Rosie” in…

11 November 2017 [04:15 PM]
Moore Thoughts: Ms. Bobby

The building looked bigger, but I was certain it was the same one. The last time I had been inside was 1977.…

10 November 2017 [11:36 PM]
Access my Social Security on the go!

Smartphones have been in our lives for over a decade and have changed the way we interact with each other. Social Security…

09 November 2017 [10:04 AM]
Credit freeze can block identity thieves

Approximately 7 percent of U.S. households fall victim to identity theft each year, and those numbers are on the rise. Anyone whose…

04 November 2017 [12:38 AM]
Moore Thoughts: A Cup of Joe

Joe DiMaggio was great for baseball, but bad for coffee. The man who got a hit in 56 straight games in 1941…

03 November 2017 [06:16 PM]
Why do we say 'trick or treat?'

Birmingham (TNS) - On Halloween night costumed ghosts and goblins will knock on doors across the U.S., asking for a treat with the threat of a trick as part of the deal. Ever wondered why we say "trick or treat?"…

31 October 2017 [01:14 PM]
Moore Thoughts: Happy Holidaze

The holidays all run together now. I don’t mean literally, I mean at the store. Used to be, when you went into…

28 October 2017 [12:47 AM]
The outdoors make gardening that much better

I’m not sure if it’s genetics or a product of being tossed outdoors all day as a child, but I’ve always been more comfortable outside than in. I still remember ordering my little paperback book about George Washington Carver in…

23 October 2017 [04:12 PM]
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