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Baylor Graduates

Congratulations ... to Baylor University graduates: Hunter Lee Shattuck, Jacksonville; Cassidy Morgan Hammer, Callan Rabb Herwood, Emma Jocelyn Skelton, Jordan Leigh Marlene…

27 September 2017 [04:40 PM]
Give in ways that honor your loved ones

It didn’t start out as a month of remembrances, but it is. I enjoyed reflecting on memories from childhood with Grandparent’s Day…

26 September 2017 [11:39 AM]
Columnist John Moore: I Get Mail

When I began jotting down my thoughts each week back in 2013, I didn’t plan on what started out as a blog…

23 September 2017 [05:16 PM]
Don’t be fooled by employment scams

If you are looking for employment, beware of fraudulent job postings, fake recruiter emails and work-at-home schemes. These ploys often use real…

21 September 2017 [12:31 PM]
A gift to yourself is a gift to others

Anyone who knows me well knows I love yoga. Aside from the physical benefits of increased flexibility, balance and muscle strength, practicing…

19 September 2017 [10:55 AM]
Summer snowflakes are a dependable bulb

Leucojum aestivum, commonly known as “summer snowflakes,” are great pass-along bulbs for the East Texas area. These pure white, drooping, bell-shaped flowers…

14 September 2017 [05:30 PM]
You want the good news or the bad news?

NELSON CLYDE, Is it Just Me? The good news is the water is receding in Houston. The bad news is it is rising in Florida. And Cuba. The good news is the Texas legislature is no longer in session.…

09 September 2017 [05:29 PM]
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