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Why do we say 'trick or treat?'

Birmingham (TNS) - On Halloween night costumed ghosts and goblins will knock on doors across the U.S., asking for a treat with the threat of a trick as part of the deal. Ever wondered why we say "trick or treat?"…

31 October 2017 [01:14 PM]
Moore Thoughts: Happy Holidaze

The holidays all run together now. I don’t mean literally, I mean at the store. Used to be, when you went into…

28 October 2017 [12:47 AM]
The outdoors make gardening that much better

I’m not sure if it’s genetics or a product of being tossed outdoors all day as a child, but I’ve always been more comfortable outside than in. I still remember ordering my little paperback book about George Washington Carver in…

23 October 2017 [04:12 PM]
Whitehouse 1st Nine Weeks Honor Roll

Ninth Grade A: Makenzie Alexander, Grant Anderson, Kyndal Anderson, Austin Barron, Mason Bautista, Bailee Boyd, Chloe Burgamy, Shameena Calimag, Jared Carrig, Rylan Clakley, Avery Clarida, Brooke Clary, Carlie Cobb, Yesica Cornejo, Maylene Davis, Elizabeth Dieter, Ryann Foster, Kate Hamilton, Gage…

23 October 2017 [03:57 PM]
Vietnam War documentary is a must see

NELSON CLYDE, Is it Just Me? One of the most fascinating filters for the present is our past. This has been illustrated in so many vivid ways, but the best recent example for me has been the PBS…

21 October 2017 [05:51 PM]
Get To Know Your Social Security

Social Security touches the lives of nearly every American. We’ve been with you from day one, when your parents applied for your…

19 October 2017 [03:33 PM]
Would you please pass the wisdom?

Several bits of sage advice have come my way lately. If you keep your eye on what is happening in our community…

14 October 2017 [11:36 PM]
Columnist John Moore: The Fouke Monster

Suggested headline: The Fouke Monster John Moore, When I was a kid in the early 1970s, the Fouke Monster was around…

14 October 2017 [06:13 PM]

Is Social Security a topic in your conversations these days? Are you familiar with the lingo used to describe Social Security benefits, or does it sound like a new vocabulary to you? Social Security employees strive to explain benefits…

12 October 2017 [01:07 PM]
Honor Roll First Six Weeks

West Rusk Junior High Sixth Grade A: Noah Haffner, Natalia Mata, Gabriela Ramimirez, Luis Sanchez, Faith Sanders, and Drew Tyra A/B: Baylee…

11 October 2017 [02:47 PM]
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