Missing Arlington teen found in landfill; Police search for answers

(KYTX) BEDFORD, TEXAS - The Tarrant County Medical Examiner has confirmed a body found in an Arlington landfill is 14-year-old Kaytlynn Cargill, who was reported missing Monday night. In a Facebook post, the Bedford Police Department announced earlier this week that Cargill disappeared while walking her dog near the Oak Creek Apartments. A body…

Cindy expected to weaken after landfall; rain still expected Video

(KYTX) HOUSTON - The U.S. National Hurricane Center says Tropical Storm Cindy is expected to weaken as it moves farther inland after coming ashore in southwestern Louisiana early Thursday. Official landfall was made just before 4 a.m. at the Texas-Louisiana border. No significant flooding or damage was reported in the Houston area, with the

Tropical storm in Gulf could bring heavy rain

(KYTX) A tropical storm brewing in the Gulf could bring more severe weather to the East Texas area later this week. That's why Tammy Prater with American Red Cross says being ready ahead of an emergency is crucial. "Making a plan, building a kit, knowing what you are going to do in an emergency is important," Prater said. She says that the

Battleship Texas closed due to leak, tiled 8 degrees by Monday

LA PORTE, Texas (AP) - Battleship Texas survived two world wars, but her latest mission is a fight against old age and decay. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department closed the vessel until further notice Sunday after maintenance crews performing an inspection reported a leak. The ship's assistant superintendent, Stephanie Croatt (croe-AT), says

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Man sues woman over price of movie ticket after bad date

(KYTX) AUSTIN - An Austin man is suing a woman for $17.31 after she allegedly texted throughout their movie date and left him at the theater, according to court documents. According to the documents, Brandon Vezmar met the Round Rock…

17 May 2017 [09:50 AM]
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