Editorial: Texas economy is on the upswing, and lawmaker must support that with good legislation

Texas has turned a corner, economists say. That’s good news, but it’s no excuse for Texas lawmakers, who head into a special session next month, to be any less diligent on passing pro-business legislation and enacting regulatory reform. The state’s economic health was diagnosed last week in a Standard & Poor’s credit rating. “Texas’…

Editorial: First Amendment affirms that words aren't violence

A Northwestern University professor’s op-ed in the Los Angeles Times is disturbing - not only in its conclusions, but also its assumptions. Sociologist Laura Beth Nielsen calls for restrictions on hate speech, because she contends that speech is violence. We are currently seeing the results of confusing speech and political violence. It’s not

Letters to the Editor: Conservative groups praise state Rep. Matt Schaefer

During the 85th legislative session, because of the principled stands of the new Texas House Freedom Caucus, conservatives made a significant mark in the ongoing civil war for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. Rep. Matt Schaefer serves as Freedom Caucus Chairman. For the entirety of the legislative session, House leadership yet again

Editorial: Boating safety is important, and it's the law

For the moment, let’s stop worrying about politics, President Trump’s Twitter account and health care reform, and instead think about health - our own, and our loved ones. The lead-up to Fourth of July weekend will see the year’s highest number of Texans enjoying our lakes. The fact that in many cases, alcohol will be involved should be a

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Man’s search for the best taco

NELSON CLYDE, Is It Just Me? At a recent gathering of friends, the topic of post-modern business came up. No one called it post-modern but that was the nature of the beast. We were discussing the recent purchase by…

24 June 2017 [03:38 PM]
Keep the cards and letters coming

It seems the summer heat has arrived. The upside to the heat is we can get real tomatoes now. If anyone has…

17 June 2017 [02:27 PM]
Editorial: Air conditioning saves lives

It has become a reliable summer tradition - folks in comfortable northern climes explaining to Texans and other southerners how we should…

12 June 2017 [12:06 PM]
Editorial: Food stamps reform makes sense

As usual, Republicans are being portrayed as heartless plutocrats, and cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - food stamps program -…

07 June 2017 [01:28 PM]
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